Reflexotherapy goes beyond reflexology. It focus on a problem, a search for the source of the discomfort that the body makes us experience. It gives priority to awareness by letting the body speak.

Two beliefs accompany me in my practice:

  • the body speaks to us, in truth;

  • the forces necessary to transfigure our difficulties exist within us *.

* Reflexotherapy is a holistic approach, it is not intended to replace a consultation or a medical protocol.

The goal of reflexotherapy sessions is therefore to let the body speak on this issue and then to raise awareness of what can be while respecting our disposition towards ourselves.

Reflexology is done in silence or with a few exchanges. This is a time when we will listen to the body. Generally, finger pressure is gentle, with downtime, to better capture messages sent by the body.

During or after reflexology, I transcribe the messages, images, smells ... that I perceive from your body. I am like a "medium of the body".

The session can end with a potential narration via a few poetic lines like a haiku.

Reflexotherapy is for everyone and supports you for any problem such as:

  • sleep issues

  • difficulties to conceive

  • hyper activity

  • burn out

  • depression

  • bored out

  • eating disorders... 



Or any major phase of life, chosen or not:

  • divorce, separation

  • mourning

  • dismissal, career change, transition to pension (retirement)

Reflexotherapy can also help you on your road to recovery after:

  • trauma

  • post-traumatic stress

  • mistreatment

  • sexual abuse


In my practice of reflexotherapy, I do not commit to a result, since respecting your rhythm is my priority. I am committed to being totally available to listen to you and your body.


Indeed, reflexotherapy gives priority to awareness. Massaging the plantar tissues helps these realizations to become anchored in the body. It might take several steps (awareness, verbalization and acceptation) for the improvement of the physical symptoms to take place.

You can find an example case in the tab

The reflexotherapy session around 1h45 for 75 Euros.

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