Kobido is more than a facial massage; it is a dance whose choreography will mesmerize you. You will come out of your trance with a chubby face.

The first part of Kobido combines touches, tapping, pressure-caterpillar, light pinching.


Subtly, the fingers stimulate the tissues of the face, the circulatory rhythm quickens, the toxins come off and fly away forever.


The work is done in depth. For example, zygomatic bones are stimulated, this is where anxiety and gloom can be lodged . When they release their tension, the whole nervous system goes to rest and you achieve deep & lasting relaxation.


This first part of KOBIDO alone gives you a serene face.




Coming from Japan, Kobido combines the effectiveness of massage techniques with acupressure. Point after point, it activates the work of the meridians, already stimulated during the first part.



The massage ends and you open your eyes. Your mirror shows you a serene, rested and refreshed face. Serenity is also what you feel inside you.

Work descends throughout your body, it regenerates itself.


In addition to giving yourself beauty, you have taken care of your health.



Kobido or Japanese lifting massage can be practiced as a cure at the rate of 3 close sessions then a monthly session.


The proposed formula is a pack of 6 sessions at 300 euros (Kobido) or 390 euros (Kobido & palmar reflexology), i.e. a reduction of 5 euros on the unit price of the session.


The pack is valid for seven months from the first session. 

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