Offer to your employees a real break thanks to a massage!

For companies, employees of shops, of beauty institutes, residents of care institutions ...

Available for all.

Organized on site during / after offices hours or during an event.

Perfect gift for your employees - and yourself!

The perfect reflex to contribute to their Wellbeing!

Prices under quotation.

Corporate Services

Corporate massage



Palm reflexology

20min detox & relaxing massage performed on the hands, wrists and forearms.

Ideal for healthcare establishments.

Shiatsu chair massage


Seated Shiatsu massage

Lasting 20min or 30min this massage focuses on shoulders, neck and back.

Efficient it eliminates muscle and nervous tensions and improves focus: it totally clears the mind.

A real break in a busy schedule!

In the 30min format it is completed by a hands reflexology which detoxifies the body.

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