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Rue du Wilder

1082 Berchem St Agathe



GSM: 0491 72 82 46

Sandrine Pracchini

Parlo Italiano

Ik leer Nederlands

My story


I worked in management for 12 years. Since my arrival in Brussels I had this project in mind: offering reflexology. And in 2015 I had the opportunity to get started!


Therefore I know how challenging and stressful corporate working world is. I try to be flexible as much as possible for my clients (availability in the evening, possibility to have services at home…).


As a client in Paris, I was in awe by the power of these simple gestures and their deep and lasting effect.


As a practitioner, I like the contact with clients and the mutual trust that comes with a session. I particularly like the deep concentration that is necessary for me to practice and the immediate beneficial effect on the massage.

I started with plantar reflexology, then reflexotherapy and finally body and face massages.

Through experience, I built two beliefs that I apply in my practice:

  • our body can dialogue with us

  • forces are within us to transfigure what we are experiencing.

I am very grateful for having discovered Narrative Practices which emphasizes ones' strengths. Indeed, the experiences I had in alternative medicine or energy practices and the training courses I followed too often focus on: what "goes wrong", ones' blockages rather than on his/her strengths.


Also, especially in reflexotherapy, I like to remind person being massaged about her/his strengths, qualities...

I will be happy to meet you and participate in improving your well-being.

2019 - Swedish Massage & Kobido

by The Miki School (Paris)

2017 - Shiatsu massage on chair

by C.del Monaco - Paramedical Bervoets care center


2017 - Body massage & pregnant woman

by C.del Monaco - Paramedical Bervoets care center


2017 - 19


Narrative Practices

Mindfulness - Mindfull ness

Non Violent Communication - Non Violent Communication

The Wheel of Changing Eyes

Active listening - Active listening (synthesis)

Process com '

2016 - School of Metareflexology

by Arlette Lefebvre


2016 - Aromatherapy

2015 - Plantar Reflexology

by C.del Monaco - Paramedical Bervoets care center



2015 - Palm Reflexology

by C.del Monaco - Paramedical Bervoets care center